• Q-Link Equine Buckle (Honey)

    Q-Link Equine Pendants are your horse's best "companion" to help achieve higher states of well-being, resilience and performance. Utilized by some of the worlds foremost trainers to maximize potential and reduce stress, Q-Link Equine Pendants are ideal for all equines, in every stage of life and career. Robust, lightweight, unobtrusive leather enclosures can be fastened to your horses mane, saddle, blanket, halter or otherwise. Q-Link Equine Pendants are water resistant and designed to withstand the rigors of daily use in a variety of environments.

    Hide color may vary slightly depending on monitor calibration and manufacturing lot.

    Manufactured/Hand built with clarity in the USA.

    Casing: Genuine Leather
    Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year

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    What are owners saying?

    "It is my responsibility to make sure our horses are at their maximum potential for the owners on race day. In testing, the Q-Link has proven to me to significantly reduce the negative effects of stress, improve overall health and re-balance the functioning of the horses internal systems."
    Bart Cummings AM - Winning Trainer of a Record 11 Melbourne Cups. Winner of 242 Group One Winners. Inaugural inductee into the Racing Hall Of Fame. The Sport Australia Hall of Fame.

    "The first time Spice wore the Equine Q-Link in a time of stress she traveled better than ever.  She was noticeably more relaxed and laid back for the whole day. This was a massive contrast to the previous occasions when she had traveled to compete in a strange environment. A factor to note is that her feed concentrate ration had been gradually increased prior to competition which would normally cause a higher level of energy/excitement."
    Miss I. Greenaway - BHS A.I.

    "In my professional opinion the Equine Q-Link is a very valuable training and show aid. I used one on a horse that was at the point of no return and I saw a total turn around in her behavior. She had the ability to rest, so when it was time to show she could be at her peak performance level - I was very impressed! I can see this will be something that I will strongly recommend to all of my youth and amateur showman."
    Dale Brown Performance Horses Inc.

    Other Equine Pendant owner comments:
    "He's so relaxed, I was delighted to see him lying down for the first time in 16 years."
    "It's taken 10 years off her - her energy and attitude are back."
    "His stable vices have reduced significantly and his biting has stopped."
    "He was always leaving half his food, and keeping weight on was a problem, now he finishes the lot."
    "She recovers much faster between rounds and is raring to go again...even my partner can now go in the stable with him."
    "She used to get very distressed when parted from her stablemate, now she's fine"
    "There's just been an overall improvement in her health and looks."
    "Her manners and behavior have really improved."
    "He works harder, recovers quicker."
    "She's more relaxed before the competition now."
    "I'm pleased to say he concentrates and focuses more in the school."
    "It's a real relief to see him no longer sweating up in the horsebox."