• History

    Q-Link® has been the front-runner in the research and development of resonating frequency technologies, as well as in the scientific and popular discussion and discovery of subtle energy uses and applications for more than 30 years.

    Our founders came of age as scientists attempted to understand and model the strange world of the quantum universe which contained observations of natural phenomena that defied common sense - including probability clouds and the virtual emptiness of all matter.

    Quantum physicists discovered that particles jump in and out of existence and change when observed, which required seeing the observer as an essential part of the equation.

    Quantum physics showed that information, energy and consciousness were all woven together in a mysterious way. Nobody of course could summarize this new understanding. The big question became, why should we care? The answer is that through the integral study of subtle energy and quantum physics, practical tools have emerged to improve our lives - and Q-Link products have become a leading example.

    But the journey took time; our founders began in the 1980's by creating ways to store information and to emit fields by integrating subtle energy dynamics with modern electronics. They soon discovered that early prototypes could actually affect the rate of growth in plants and improve water. Further experiments confirmed positive effects on chemical systems.

    Naturally, these researchers reasoned that if this technology improved both biological and chemical systems, then it could possibly support the functionality of the most complex bio-electro-chemical system of all - the human being. The rest is as they say, history, and Q-Link has been manufacturing its useful, unique and streamlined consumer products from its state of the art Southern California facility since the early 90's.

    With unparalleled marketplace history, longevity, brand recognition and high customer satisfaction and loyalty symbolic of genuine life changing experiences - Q-Link's novel concepts, technology and products continue to set the pace.