Product Use & Care Instructions

PENDANTS: Each pendant includes a 36" adjustable cord. Once desired pendant position has been determined on body, tie a knot by placing the two cord ends in parallel, making a loop, then running the two ends through that loop. Pull firmly until tight knot forms, then trim excess cord. Check knot regularly. Pendant may face in either direction when worn. Pendants are highly water resistant and may be worn while swimming and showering.

NIMBUS & STRATUS: Nimbus & Stratus are powered by any USB port or the AC/USB adapter. Backlit Q-Link logo signifies unit is operating. 

CLEAR: Predetermine CLEAR location on your device where it will come in contact with or within 1" of your hand or body when your device is being worn or utilized. Only affix CLEAR on a very clean, smooth, flat and non-porous surface free of grease/oil. Apply CLEAR by peeling away adhesive backing and pressing firmly into place, applying pressure for several seconds. Once CLEAR is mounted, do not attempt to remove or reposition as adhesive will be damaged.

CLEANING: A mild soap and fresh warm water is sufficient for cleaning Q-Link Pendants. Body worn Q-Link products exposed to potentially corrosive elements such as salt water should be rinsed with fresh water immediately. Precious metal pendant models may tarnish over time; use a quality non-abrasive metal polishing cream to restore luster.

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