• Grace Luc ["...Outstanding performance from a quality product!!"]

    Grace Luc ["...Outstanding performance from a quality product!!"]
    "Several years ago I started to experience painful, throbbing migraines on a daily basis. I tried all the over the counter pain killers but nothing worked. Then my husband told me about one of his workmates who had also suffered from the same problems as me, but she managed to fix it by wearing a Q-Link necklace. I can't lie, I had my doubts. It just seemed too simple and besides if medication can't cure me, how can a little pendant?! But I took the plunge and I'm so glad I did!! At first I didn't feel great, so don't let that deter you. After a fortnight of wearing my silver cross (which is also very stylish ladies!!) I started to feel normal again and the best news? The migraines eventually stopped!! I haven't had them for years and it's all thanks to my Q-Link pendant!! My husband purchased one as well which he has also worn daily for years and now that he is older, we are encouraging our son to try the benefits of a Q-Link pendant. When he was only a few years old we purchased a bundle of the Q-Link Clear Singles Collection for use on all his electronic devices. These days when someone tells me they suffer from tension headaches or migraines, I immediately tell them about my positive experiences with the Q-Link and send them a link to the website. Outstanding performance from a quality product!!"