Richard Yagutilov - Celebrity Photographer & Filmmaker ["...I was more clear, focused and positive..."]

Richard Yagutilov - Celebrity Photographer & Filmmaker [

"I found out about the Q-Link Pendant through a friend of mine who is very successful and researches the heck out of things so I trusted that it would be a good product, but I didn't expect what happened next. I wore the pendant and immediately felt a tingle in my chest and within a couple days I noticed that I was more clear, focused and positive. Then I noticed that when I drank coffee (and I love my strong coffee) that now I wasn't getting the same coffee 'craziness'. With the pendant, I was getting the alertness of the coffee but not the same jitteriness and restless mind. It was as if my mind was getting more focused and at the same time not getting too wild. After about a month of wearing it and starting to do much better, I stopped using the pendant. Big Mistake. After some time with the pendant off I started getting back to a hazy mental place and gradually my state of mind and focus declined to the point that I was really questioning was happening with me, because I had been doing so well, and that's when it struck me. Immediately I put my pendant back on and right away felt the difference and I haven't taken it off since, and I'm not planning to either. I love the Q-Link pendant and it has made a big difference in my life and my wife's as well. We have better focus, clarity and generally a more positive mindset and I firmly believe and I know through my own experience that Q-Link is working to enhance us vibrationally and improve many parts of our lives. I highly recommended Q-Link to anyone who wants more energy, clarity and focus and for general well being!"

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