• Amanda Johnson ["...Wearing this amazing Q-Link, I felt like I was a radiating-peace-zone..."]

    Amanda Johnson ["...Wearing this amazing Q-Link, I felt like I was a radiating-peace-zone..."]

    “I am so happy because I have just purchased a Q-Link Pendant  - in fact I ordered two! One Red and the other one is Mulberry. My red one arrived and within less than hour, I noticed an incredible sense of calm and spacey, light kind of feeling. Then later on in this same evening, I had go to Hospital for a minor ailment but which needed looking at, and I had to go to the A&E dept and then wait about 4hrs to see the DR. And what happened was really amazing, because in all that time, I was totally blissed out. I was empty-minded - like in a Zen, enlightened way - really, really chilled, and happy to wait my turn with absolutely no impatience, or misery. I shut my eyes to meditate, because wearing the Q-Link made it so easy to do so, because I was already calm and without hardly thinking, and so I sent love to everyone in the waiting area , plus all the staff - and it actually changed the atmosphere. We honestly started resonating together. People - instead of moaning and groaning about the wait - started talking and laughing with each other, and I became really great friends with a woman I was sitting next to, who I’m sure I’ll be seeing again as I may end up working in the same place. There was really magic going on and I saw these great changes in people for the better. When I first came to sit in the waiting area, no-one was talking to each other and they all looked fed up, miserable, kept sighing about the wait, and all had blank or sad faces. By the time I left to see the Dr. (Who turned out to be just lovely) -  they were all laughing and joking. Wearing this amazing Q-Link, I felt like I was a radiating-peace-zone. Everyone visibly relaxed. I actually can’t say enough about it. I wish everyone in the world was wearing one - it’d be the fastest way to World peace! So I would like to know about becoming an affiliate and yet I don’t know even what that entails or what the benefits are. All I know is - I’d like as many people as possible to wear one!  Or how would I be an ‘influencer’? Although I think I already am one. I know I will have to tell anyone who will listen to me talk about it.”