• Jill H. ["...Thank you for this genius device..."]

    Jill H. ["...Thank you for this genius device..."]
    "I've been wearing a Q-Link pendant for over 20 years now as a protection from electro-magnetic radio waves to which I’m very sensitive. I suffered headaches and migraines on a regular basis & these became more debilitating as the years passed knocking me out for two or three days. My sister suffers from this as well & she alerted me to the Q-Link. Since buying one I’ve never looked back. Over the first few days I experienced a sensation of tightening and loosening bands like hula-hoops around my head slowly lifting up from my head and releasing into the atmosphere. All the electro-magnetic energy in my body and skull felt as it was being released. I’ve had no headaches since. As people are becoming more aware of the effects of electro-magnetic radio waves, I tell them about my treasured Q-Link, which of course, is with me at all times. Thank you for this genius device."