Antoinette Hendry ["...I suddenly realized that i wasn't feeling exhausted..."]

Antoinette Hendry [

"I received my Q-Link Constellation pendant on Friday and I admit I was blown away by the unique craftsmanship and quality of the pendant. It is absolutely stunning, what more can I say? I went shopping yesterday and four total strangers approached me individually and commented on it, one even wanting to know if she could buy it from me. (I gave her your link.) I continued wandering happily around the shopping mall for a couple of hours before I suddenly realized that I wasn't feeling exhausted, which is usually the norm for me when doing the Saturday morning shopping. What is even more incredible is that I had been wearing the pendant for less than 24 hours at that stage. I am so impressed, thank you to all. Please feel free to use this email as a totally unsolicited endorsement should you wish to do so."

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