Improved Skin Conductivity & EMF [Dr. Tyteeka Reye, N.D., DScF]

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Improved Skin Conductivity & EMF [Dr. Tyteeka Reye, N.D., DScF]

In a clinical study conducted by Dr. Tyteeka Reye at the Acacia Whole Health Clinic in Denver, the energy states of 40 acupuncture points are tested in the presence of an EMF stressor. After two minutes, the Q-Link Pendant (a 'Passive' SRT product) increases by an average of 292% the number of acupuncture points which have optimal energy states and restored balance. Baseline readings are improved by an average of 41%.

Professor Michael Kundi, PhD, Institute of Environmental Health, conducted an independent, comprehensive analysis [Vienna Analysis] of Dr. Reye's clinical study which supports the significant findings and conclusions.

*Published in the Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine: RUBIK/SRT& trade PAPER, Vol. 8, #6 (pp 823-856), Scientific Foundation & Summaries of Biological & Clinical Studies. Beverly Rubik, PhD.

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