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Almost 30 years ago, a small group of top athletes and entertainers began to try the unique and proprietary technology that powers all Q-Link® products. Since those early days, many of the world's most competitive athletes - including hundreds of touring golf professionals, world record holders, triathletes, cyclists, team sports superstars and "weekend" warriors from all over the world - have used Q-Link to get into their "zone".  Some of them have loved and credited Q-Link enough to testify to their transformations, personal bests and even the joy they've experienced using and wearing Q-Link.  We hope you enjoy some of our enthusiastic Q-Link users' own words - and that you'll be inspired to try Q-Link for yourself and perhaps trigger your own transformation or set new personal records.  Read more about Q-Link in these categories:  Press & MediaEducation, Arts & ScienceWell-Being and General.  Please see our strict Testimonial & Endorsement Policy.


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