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Q-Link's unique technology was the result of pioneering research by scientists collaborating with artists and academics, so it's no wonder that it's been creating a buzz among educators, healing professionals and writers ever since the products powered by that technology were offered to the public. We're humbled by the fact that this initial excitement has continued to resonate in the education, research and wellness fields for almost 30 years. The real proof, of course, is that by trying Q-Link®we think you'll experience the practical and personal benefits that the academic and popular literature is talking about. We hope you enjoy reading a few of the comments we've received from some of our enthusiastic Q-Link users - and that you'll be inspired to give Q-Link a try for yourself.  Explore more stories about Q-Link in these other categories:  Press & Media, Sports & EntertainmentWell-Being and General. Please see our strict Testimonial & Endorsement Policy.


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