Q-Link Affiliate Program

A product like Q-Link enjoys a global, grass-roots community of supporters that love to share their testimonials and experiences.  Of course, enthusiastic and authentic word of mouth advertising connects others with Q-Link and is the inspiration behind many purchases. While most personal recommendations are friendly and casual, our official affiliate program offers entrepreneurs and like minded individuals, organizations and businesses the opportunity to be rewarded for referrals that lead directly to sales. 

If you're new to affiliate marketing, the concept is simple: Program participants are issued unique tracking URLs to utilize on their website(s), social media, blogs, email promotions and by other electronic means.  When someone clicks on that unique URL, they're transported to the official Q-Link website to learn more.  If an order is placed, either then or on a return visit, the sale is tracked to the referrer and a commission earned.  It's the perfect solution for those simply interested in recommending the product - and without the hassle of carrying vast inventory, processing transactions, fulfilling product or handing any customer service aspects.

So whether you're an experienced marketer with high traffic, a social media master, club or affinity group, in private practice, or an individual with a small circle of friends or modest following - Q-Link's affiliate program will work for you!

We know your time is valuable and your reputation is on the line when you make a referral, and that's why we've partnered with CJ Affiliate to offer the industry's most respected, trusted and comprehensive affiliate marketing platform.  To become a Q-Link Affiliate and learn more about our program highlights which include a generous 20% commission, currency specific ACH commission payments made worldwide, and fast, easy, free signup - CLICK HERE to get started.  If you've got questions prior to applying, send us an E-Mail.

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