John Douillard - D.C., Ayurvedic Physician and Author ["...I strongly recommend the Q-Link..."]

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John Douillard - D.C., Ayurvedic Physician and Author [

"In my practice and in my book Body, Mind, and Sport, I teach the importance of maintaining a calm center within the activity of one's life. In fact, the calmer one is, the more powerful one can be. Like the eye of a hurricane, the bigger the eye, the calmer the center is and the more powerful the hurricane. I use a variety of methods to induce both athletes and non-athletes into this experience of inner calm. Most athletes, as do most activities in the West, create a state of fight or flight emergency, which wears the body down. The Q-Link directly supports this calm center within one's self. I strongly recommend the Q-Link to serious athletes and to everyone else who wants a more graceful and less stressful performance."

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